New Experiences in IT

So in the last 8 months I’ve made a bit of a change, after 18 years in higher-ed IT I transitioned over to the public sector in government IT. Specifically primarily emergency response IT. It’s been an interesting experience, much more catching other people up and getting folks modernized, lots of realtime Geospacial stuff and lots of experiences with field staff. I had been getting involved with planning related Unified Central Virginia Emergency Services for the UCI Roadrace here in Richmond.  They haddn’t had much of an IT leadership presence in this space before and the IT skills are a bit thin so after working with me a bit they decided to tag me as the Tech Section Chief for the event.  What surprised me most was that this is considered a big step forward and they haven’t had IT leadership in events like this, which blows me away.  So much updating need in government IT but there’s a lot of dedicated people and broad sets of skills that with a few changes there is the potential to have a big positive impact.

The month of September has seen me more or less consumed by this though.  I think 2 days off total in the month with most days at very long hours, 12+ hour days each day for the last 2 weeks or so.  Looking forward to getting back in touch with friends and to whatever life holds for me next.  What an amazing experience, It’s such a privilege to work with professionals of this caliber in thier own field.  Richmond and Henrico is indeed in very good hands from a public safety point of view.