GWL: Gaming as Transmedia Studies

Henry Jenkins posted another in an ongoing series of media studies on the topic of transmedia studies. I think gaming in a complex online world like Eve Online is one of the best examples of the use of transmedia studies in a community. Gamers in Eve regularly leverage information from forums, video tutorials, wikis, podcasts, in game voice chat and a number of media sources to learn and coordinate their gaming activities. I think it’s for this reason that deep community driven games like Eve Online can contribute a set of skills to the gamer that can possible enhance their experience in education. Gamers of this kind naturally gravitate toward multiple media outlets for information and routinely engages in actions that either enforce the quality of learning from that information or proves it’s lack of quality and sends them into another cycle of investigation and study.

I think Henry’s article is a good read and food for thought for everyone. Big thanks to Sarah Toton for passing it on.

Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited

In a transmedia presentation, students need to actively seek out content through a hunting and gathering process which leads them across multiple media platforms. Students have to decide whether what they find belongs to the same story and world as other elements. They have to weigh the reliability of information that emerges in different contexts. No two people will find the same content and so they end up needing to compare notes and pool knowledge with others. That’s why our skill is transmedia navigation – the capacity to seek out, evaluate, and integrate information conveyed across multiple media.

Gaming with Librarians: Creating Community Sites

I wanted to setup a small corporation homepage for the gaming group involved in Gaming with Librarians and speficially wanted to use it as an opportunity to see what the state of free site or hosting set-ups were. It really seems like WordPress are the only folks out there who are doing something useful.

I started by trying to setup a site under Google, hoping to take advantage of things like Google Docs and other things to coordinate the group and ease play. The sites and google apps section are geared mostly toward business and pay customers and in the end I just thought the features offered for publish use were a big old fail. So I took a trip on over to WordPress, registered a new ID for the Eve Corp and got a small site up and running in about an hour.

Thus the Archival Quality LLC site was born, not bad at all for about an hours work graphic included.

Another big benefit I see from going with wordpress is that not only can you choose from several reasonable themes but by default they supply you with a mobile skin for the site. I fired it up on my iPhone today it was fantastic. So with a minimum of effort I have a corp site complete with mobile integration. We have come a long way in just a few short years as a profession.