The Flagon With the Dragon as the brew that is true!

I did manage to overcome the appauling inertia that's been plaguing me the last few months and get my domain switched over to my new web host.  You're looking at it in all it's gory glory!

As mentioned in my previous post I've decided to move my site over to a django app and out of wordpress because I want to experiment a bit and need a probject to do that with.  So I've begun the process of cleaning MetaRho up, get it minally functional and then start marching forward and adding features where it pleases me.  If you're looking at it right now then the minimal thing is pretty apparent.  I'll grab a screenshot of the site for posterity and hopefully to show a comparison of it in a few month.

On a side note I've switch to GitHub for my repository playground and it's amazingly impressive so far.  I love you and all Mercurial, but don't like that Bitbucket dress you've been wearing.  Webfaction is also turning out to be a pretty useful hosting service and so far I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good and flexible site host.  

All 2000+ of my previous blog posts are still live on a wordpress install here.  I'm saving them there until I get caching working properly on this site and django-tagging integrated properly. 

Right now I can basically post things and the RSS feed should work, let me know if it doesn't.  Expect to see more soon.

That Code it Jingle Django Jingles

Wordpress is for sissies… 

Well really it's for people with brains or a greater sense of sanity than me.  I brought up the minimal code to get this site working today, just now in fact.   I want to take my blog over to a Django as a play space, place to experiment, expand and all that.  Either way it's just coming together and I'm doing what I can to get it running as bug free as I can so so I can start adding some actual features I might enjoy.

I've had to overcome a lot of inertia in thinking I should just do wordpress but I figure I can always port it back if I want.

Because the code is just coming together and there's no caching I don't want to import the 2000+ posts from my previous blog so that IS still being served in wordpress and you can find it here in all it's former glory.

Also I have to get my domain switched over to here, so you're seeing this today at whatever temp domain my provider gave me.  At the time of this writing that is '' but expect to see good old '' back poisining the bandwith soon.  

Expect to hear more soon.