New Rise of the Apes European Trailer

There's a new trailer out for the Planet of the Apes reboot called "Rise of the Apes" and it really looks fantastic.    It's amazing how much story they can convey in a simple trailer and I have hopes the movie has a lot of depth in it.  There seems to be a lot of potential for commentary about the nature of intelligence and self, the respect for life and compassion or what a lack of it brings.  Seeing the "acting" of Caesar with the John Lithgow character, who seems to have Alzheimer, brought a tear to my eye as you watch the chimp express compassion for the human who is obviously struggling.    This could be the start of a great movie franchise, at least I hope it is.

X-Men: First Class Review

Overall I thought X-Men: First Class was just kind of okay.  Several fun moments separated by some overstylized and heavy handed storytelling.   I thought I'd share a few spoiler free thoughts.

I really have to blame the directors and producers on this as the cast is pretty top notch, but most of the performances were over the top.  Even so each one of them managed to squeeze in a couple of real or fun moments for their characters.  The stars had to be the Dorm Room X-Men by far, who were fun throughout most of the movie.  Macavoy was consistently good as Xaviar but Magneto was just as consistently card-board and dry, while Sebastian Shaw came off as a massive parody of an already over the top character from the comics.

Overall it felt like the movie was trying to conjure up a Bond movie feel but more often than not seemed a little too Austin Powers to me.

What was consistently good were the special effects and at times they were downright fantastic.  Banshee's flying scene were really great and you felt more like watching someone snap back up from a bungie jump and didn't feel CGI at all.  Jennifer Lawrence is great, but the slavish devotion of tying her character into the later movies made Mystique seem a bit cartoonish next to the other younger X-men.  I could have used me more Mystique/Beast throughout and less Xaviar/Magneto bro-mance.

Overall I have to reiterate that I thought the movie had a few good moments but overall was a miss.  After movies like Thor, Iron Man 1/2, and the latest Hulk it seemed Marvel had wised up and put movies like Wolverine behind them, this movie just seemed a step backward for the studio.  Let's hope for a little redemption with Captain America and The Avengers.