Windows 8 USB Fix for GRUB 2 Dual Boot

Computer Boot ScreenI recently upgraded my desktop to Windows 8 and set it up to dual boot Ubuntu 12.10 with GRUB 2. To my chagrin doing so seemed to disable USB devices (including keyboard and mouse) when trying to boot to Windows.

The root problem seems to be with how EFI BIOS interact with GRUB 2 and non EFI Operating systems and the general answer lies in enabling the right combination of legacy drivers for USB devices in BIOS.

My own flavor of BIOS is an ASUS EFI BIOS and I after trying various combinations came up with one that works for my system. Posting it here in case it helps anyone else:

  • Legacy USB Support: Auto
  • Legacy USB3.0 Support: Enabled
  • EHCI Hand Off: Enabled

I tried several other combinations of these and none worked but the above did. Makes sense if you think about it, when the drivers fail to load it falls through to the legacy drivers.

Fixed me up and I’m dual booting comfortably.