Django Libraries for XML and eXist DB

We often use XML at Academic Libraries and decided to create a set of libraries to ease our work connecting our XML and repository based work to the Django framework by building a central set of libraries.  We'll be continuing to build these libraries out and recently released the code as open source projects on GitHub.

EULxml provides XPath parsing features in python and mappings for xml documents to pythonic objects as well as features to provide Django Form to simple XML objects.  The code is available on GitHub and some documentation and examples up on read the docs. 

EULexistdb provides connections and XQuery capability to eXist DB and Django Queryset like objects for rich interaction between Django and XML data stored in eXist DB.  Combined with the XML Django Forms from EULxml (on which it depends) it has enabled us to do a lot with our Library collection.  This library is also available on GitHub and has some documentation and examples up on read the docs.

We're excited at the possibilities of leveraging the power of Django with our XML databases and repositories.   We're open sourcing it in hopes others may find it useful and may want to contribute to the libraries as well.